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63rd Annual V Show

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Welcome to the V-show!! Whether you have a big part on stage or are helping behind the scenes, Field School's biggest fundraiser is for everyone!!!

Main Production Individuals

Producer – Cheryl Matti-Breslin
Directors – Matt Aherns, Sean Dolan and Tom Fragassi
Producer Assistants – Tanya Morrison and Heidi Russack

New Comers Contact
As the Newcomer Chair for the Vshow, we are always there for helping you through the ropes and making sure you have fun this year in your first show. Call me at any time – no question is too big or too small! If you know of anyone that may be interested in joining this show, please let us know.

Angelo Demeros
847-720-3804 Home
847-871-7547 Cell
Email: Ademerosfieldpto@icloud.com

Newcomer Team Duties
The Newcomer Team is responsible for a few key action items. These include:

• Submit or take an individual photo which will be showcased on the bulletin board outside of the Auditorium.
• Each year, all newcomers get together to create and purchase their Newcomer Ad for the Ad book. There will be past show ad books to reference
• Newcomers participate with Ad book on bringing in new vendors, business or personal ad. Each newcomer is encouraged to participate or join the ad book team
• Volunteer and join committees as much as your time allows. Great way to meet people.
• The creation of a 5-10-minute skit that will be delivered after dinner at the awards banquet. This can be as funny as we make it so start writing down things that make you laugh on Sundays!



Our Producer, Directors and Committee Heads will give many updates and details that will be announced during rehearsal. Rehearsals will be on Friday evenings. Times for these will be released soon. All are encouraged to be present for these since these announcements will be very informative. This is the time to ask any questions. In addition, you can keep up to date by
• Checking your email a couple times a week, especially as the show approaches
• Check the Vshow website at www.fieldpto.org and go to the Vshow link for songs and dances
• Download the announcements from the website

There is a Costume Coordinator but the major responsibility is yours. There will be plenty of opportunities for networking to find parts of your costume. You may be asked to pay a small amount for group dance or song items that will be purchased/made for you.

New this year, we will be sing "sign me up genius" to helpo organize our Friday night food during the practice times. This will make sure there will be food and and snacks in the kitchen each practice. You are responsible for picking up your bowl/dish/container at the end of the day. Paper goods and utensils are provided by the hospitality committee.

As you have noticed, we have T-shirts with the show logo. They are great publicity for the show. Shirts can be purchased from Heidi Russack or Tanya Morrison. Shirts are $18.00 and will be part of the costume for the Second Act Opener, so if you are in this, please purchase one

Ad Book and Ad Sales
Ad Sales for the program book bring in the greatest amount of revenue for the Show. Please take as many ad forms that you can. Typically, we encourage everyone to solicit at a minimum three ads. There are also forms and more information about sizes, etc available on the sign up tables. Personal ads for friends and family are also available. There will be previous show books that can be looked at during rehearsals
Questions? Contact the Ad Book Team
Angelo Demeros, Susan Smith, Rebecca Levin, Amanda Massucci, Victor Lobo


Washington Playmakers
Field School Vshow cast members coordinate a night to go and support the Washington Playmakers show. We will go across town to see the Playmakers show when the dates are known. Kids are welcome to come see the show as well. After the show, someone typically volunteers to host a get together for those that attended the show. Unlike our cast parties, we ask all to contribute a beverage, appetizer or dessert. More information about tickets and the party to come soon.

Field Vshow Tickets
Cast and Crew get first choice in tickets. Tickets are sold thru SeatYourself. You will be getting information soon. Please remember that the first Sat night show is the Alumni show and it will be difficult to get large numbers of seats together that night. Sunday afternoons and the first Friday night show are great for the kids! Debbie Brown and Sarah Marcucci are our Ticket coordinators.

Cast Parties
You are invited to a cast party following each Friday and Saturday night show. Spouses or significant others are also invited whether they are in the show or not. (They've supported you thru the show – they deserve a night out too!) The evenings include food, beverages, entertainment, dancing, etc. The cost this year is $50 per PERSON for all 4 parties, whether you attend 1,2 or all 4. For anything other than beer, it is BYOB, but pop and mixers are provided. Each Vshow performance is videotaped during the evening and then that evening's show is often played at the party. Therefore, if you flub a line, forget an entrance, or have a particularly wonderful night, you will be able to see it the same evening. As a newcomer you can volunteer to host one of these parties at your house. If you are interested in hosting, please see, Cheryl Matti, Jake Crampton or John Sullivan

Party Committee
All the parties have themes pertaining to some aspect of the show and are held at the homes of cast members. Each party house needs a party committee, so sign up for the party house you wish to work on. Each committee gets together for a party-planning meeting to choose a theme (anything remotely suggested by the show, such as place, character, lines, etc) The parties often have outdoor and indoor decorations, entry pranks, drinks, food and usually dancing. The committee plans shifts for working the party, including: set-up, food, clean-up, patrolling the house for trash, etc, and tear down the following morning.

Each party's theme is kept a secret until the evening of the party. During intermission time at the show, the party committee sings an invitation song to the rest of the cast. (One of the songs from the show is used and the committee changes the words to reveal the party theme.)

Being on a party committee is great fun, especially for newcomers! You will get a chance to meet people who are not in your scene and make some great new friends.

Mid Week Rehearsals
Starting sometime in late February, there may be some evening rehearsals at school or other location to brush up on some various songs, scenes, and/or dances. Times/Days will vary. Obviously some people will have conflicts, but please do your best to be there if possible.

Tech Sunday
One Sunday a few weeks before the show dates there will be a Tech Deck Sunday. Each scene will be tweaked for lighting and sound effects. More information on this and changes in the schedule will come out in emails, announcements, etc closer to this date.

Alumni Sunday
There are many alumni who continue to support our show. Not only will many come as a group to one of the first performances and the following cast party (typically the Sat night show of the first weekend), they will also come to one of our rehearsals. So don't be surprised on a Sunday in late February when a mass of has-been thespians converge on the auditorium. This is a fun day and they are a great group to perform for as they have all been through this routine many times!!

Double Dress Rehearsal
On the Sunday before our first show (February 29), we hold a Double Dress Rehearsal. This is a long day and it is critical that you do not miss. More information will come as we get further along in the show, but essentially we run thru the entire show twice – with full costumes, props, make-up, etc. You don't have to stay the whole time, but make sure you are there and ready to do your scenes.
Marathon Dinner: There will be lunch (adults only PLEASE) for all, between the two run thru's It is a fun day to see the scenes that you haven't seen on Sundays during rehearsals. This event will need chairpersons to cater in food and create the menu and cost per person. Typically, cost per person is 12-15 dollars.

Photographs are taken of all cast members individually as well as in groups (scene, dance, song, etc) at each show and cast arties. If you would like to head this, please let the producer know. A video will also be produced of one of the shows and be available for purchase.

Awards Banquet
The Awards Banquet occur after the show production. The date will be announced once the venue and date have been confirmed. Typically, this event takes place at the Park Ridge Country Club. It's a fun evening to celebrate the end of a great show with awards, toasts, and skits, including one by the Newcomers. Also, the producers, directors and script writers for NEXT years show are announced at the banquet.

In late February, you 'll be able to sign up for seats at tables of 10. The cost of the dinner will be announced and anyone who has been involved in the show (as well as spouses/significant others) are encouraged to attend this fun night out.

New this year, we have rented out the north gym for your children to "hang out" with babysitters provided. The cost is $5.00 per family per night, but we ask that you let us know by Thursday prior to each Friday if you will be using the family sitting service. No children are allowed to wonder around the school and we have worked out this agreement with Mrs. Kelly that if children will be at the school, they will be required to stay in the North Gym. Please send an email to Tanya Morrison or Heidi Russack if you are interested in using the service. If you know of teenagers that are looking for a sitting job, let us know too!