Field School
63rd Annual V Show

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Field School - A Great Place to Put on a Show!

Welcome to the V Show!!  Whether you have a big part on stage or are helping behind the scenes, Field School’s biggest fundraiser is for everyone!!!


Contact Us
As the directors, we are responsible for helping you through the ropes and making sure you have fun this year.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Cheryl Matti-Breslin (Producer) @
Tom Fragassi at
Sean Dolan at
Matt Aherns at

Be Prepared
We have a short rehearsal schedule this year. Once you know which character(s) you are playing, please start memorizing your lines and learning your song lyrics. The sooner you know your lines, the sooner we can really focus on physicality.

If you are in a scene, you are automatically in the song and dance number at the end of that scene. Act 2, Scene 5 will be in the couples dance. all newcomers should plan on being in the Act 2 Opener.

We need a lot of people for the Openers and Closers. All scriptors should plan to be in the Act 1 Opener. All graduates should plan to be in the Act 2 Closer.  Everyone else should sign up for as many Openers and Closers as possible.

This year announcements will be at the end of each scene in the form of a hand out, with a follow up email to the cast following each weekend of practices.

You are responsible for getting your costume.  There will be plenty of opportunities for networking to find parts of your costume.  You may be asked to pay a small amount for group dance or song items that will be purchased/made for you.

Contact V Show 63 producer, Cheryl Matti Breslin at

Visit the Schedule Page for Important Dates & Info